Child Welfare South Africa Greater Alberton:

"Children are the future of any country. So we can't do enough to ensure the future or care of our children. The funds received from Tekkie Tax will be used to purchase school clothing, shoes and bedding for the children to use in our children's home."

Johannesburg SPCA:

"Tekkie Tax makes a real difference. The donations were used towards our Community Upliftment programme. This is where we educate people of rural communities on responsible pet care and provide primary veterinary health care to their animals that desperately need it."

Special Olympics South Africa:

"We used the proceeds from the Tekkie Tax fundraising campaign to contribute to the expenses for a Special Olympics Coaches Training Course in Limpopo. When competing with the rest of the world for medal representing South Africa, we need to give our athletes the best possible training and coaches to be able to bring the medals back home."

Meals on Wheels Tygerberg:

"In these tough economic times it is easy to forget the elderly. They can't always afford to take care of themselves or buy food. With the much appreciated funds received from Tekkie Tax, we are able to supply food to many of our senior citizens."

Kwathando Care Centre:

"We take care of a lot of little ones and the children need to be just children. Tekkie Tax enabled us to give that to the little ones. The money raised was used to repair our trampoline so they could have some well-deserved fun. A few things needed fixing urgently and we could do it. Thanks to the money raised."

Tshwane SPCA:

"Being part of the Tekkie Tax team gives us the opportunity to use the proceeds towards sterilizing animals for people who cannot afford to do so. Hereby we save lives and stop animals from suffering. Tekkie Tax has helped us to change the lives of animals."

Alma School:

"We try to do as much as we can. So the money that we received from Tekkie Tax was put to excellent use by doing as much as possible on our long list. It helped with general running costs of the school."

Koster Tuiste vir Bejaardes:

"We utilised the proceeds from Tekkie Tax to buy nappies for our frail elderly. It sounds like something simple, but it is an expensive and very necessary."

Empangeni Child and Family Care:

"Sometimes it is the little things that makes a big difference. We purchased a double deep freer and a Bain-Marie for our catering feeding as many families in the area as we can with our money we received from Tekkie Tax."

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