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The Tekkie Tax campaign offers various possibilities for a company that wishes to become involved as a sponsor.  We need hard-earned cash, services, discounts and a distribution network to ensure that we keep the costs of this campaign as low as possible. In order to bring running costs of the campaign down, smaller sponsorships for printing, distribution and telephones will be welcome!

Our goal is to get a sponsor/s for Tekkie Tax so that all money collected through sticker and Tekkie Tag sales goes directly to the beneficiary organisations. We already have four "Brand Ambassadors" (individuals) who each donated a substantial amount of money but we still require sponsorship of approximately R1 million.

There are various promotional and publicity opportunities available for the sponsor/s, but most of all, this is an opportunity for "venture philanthropy". The principle is that the money sponsored to run the Tekkie Tax project will be multiplied by means of a successful national fundraising project resulting in MUCH more money going to the various charity organisations than what was initially donated by the sponsor.

Most BIG companies have a BIG advertising budget. We are looking for companies that can help us to promote the Tekkie Tax campaign via their usual advertising channels. This will not mean any additional costs for the participating company - merely the inclusion of the Tekkie Tax campaign to the benefit of both parties.

Benefits for your company:
The size and amount of benefits for the sponsoring company will depend on whether the company is the sole sponsor or part of a carefully selected team of sponsoring companies – but whatever the case is, there will be heaps of benefits for any corporate who partners with the Tekkie Tax campaign.

  • Get more feet in your outlets!  If your company serves as a national distributor of the Tekkie Tax stickers, in all marketing and advertising material the public will be asked to "Get your sticker at ________ ". This will drive additional people through your doors who might not be part of the current customer base but who could be potential new costumers.

  • Let your brand be visible and your logo be seen!

Your company logo might appear on official marketing material and your name in the copy of the broadcasting campaign - an opportunity not to be missed!

  • Make your CSI initiatives public to the world!

A company's CSI initiatives are often not known to the general public and although it should never be the main purpose of its actions and donations, it is nice to have your name in the lights for the good work you are doing. The nature of this campaign will ensure that your company receives maximum publicity and recognition for your partnership.

  • Show your involvement to your customers!

 The involvement of your company in a national fundraising campaign will ensure that it is seen by your customers.  You will be seen as adding value to their environment and the needs in their community.

  • Establish yourself as a company who focuses on specific issues but cares for the broad spectrum of needs!

There are many companies who care passionately about certain issues like children or education. This campaign will give your company the opportunity to keep on with the focus area/s you have chosen but your organisation will be seen as caring for the bigger sense of needs – across all 5 sectors of beneficiaries – and giving the public a choice of whom they choose to support.

Last but for sure not the least . . . As the Legacy through Charity Trust is a registered NPO and PBO we will be able to give you an Art 18a certificate for tax benefits as well as a BBBEE certificate for your scorecard.


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