Our Business Ambassadors

Helene Potgieter

Helene Potgieter is our Animal Business Ambassador and the owner of the HP Architects firm in Centurion. Thank you for your involvement in Tekkie Tax and for your amazing soft heart towards animals. Your passion and love for animals is contagious! It is a lovely privelage to have you on our Green Team.

Hilda Lunderstedt

Hilda Lunderstedt is our Children Ambassador. She is a non-executive board member and business investor both locally and internationally. On behalf of all the children who benefit by your involvement, we would like to say THANK YOU for making their world a better place.

Michelene Toms

Michelene Toms is our Disability Business Ambassador and a Global property investor but is never to busy to attend the need of those around her. She approaches this sector with great respect and has opened her heart. Thank you Michelene for dedicating your time to make a difference.

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