Legacy through Charity Trust

The Tekkie Tax campaign is conducted under the auspices of a Charitable Trust called "Legacy through Charity" (LtC). Registered with the Master of the South Gauteng High Court under registration number IT 2455/2012. 

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PBO 930041253 with Art18A status

So why are we doing this?

  • Simply having an auditor on board does unfortunately not guarantee that a fundraising campaign or any other service is run honestly. The structure of the Tekkie Tax campaign ensures that no one person or welfare organisation alone will control the campaign bank account, enriching itself by it - or be in a position to mismanage money to the detriment of the other beneficiaries.
  • Any service costs money, whether it is run internally or externally by an NGO. Salaries, telephone lines and administration costs will still have to be paid. Combining the fundraising efforts of welfare organisations via this campaign will save huge amounts of money and ensure that the overall costs of running fundraising campaigns are reduced drastically.
  • There are ample examples of welfare organisations that have lost huge sums of money in trying to run a fundraising campaign themselves. Tekkie Tax allows even a small organisation with limited resources to participate in a national fundraising campaign, with 0% risk and maximum benefit.

The trustees of the LTC Trust are:

Turnstone Corporate Trustee (SA) (Pty) Ltdturnstone logo
Turnstone added their value by registering this Trust and they will ensure that all legal requirements are met on an ongoing basis. They are represented in this campaign by Leslie Forssman. "This is a fabulous project to work on. It is great to know that at the receiving end of this campaign, there is not an organisation which benefits, but an individual, somebody with a heart and soul – and often one with a furry tail!!" Jip, you guessed it right, his heart lies with animals. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Annelise de Jager – she started out as a social worker, and in those years already she wanted to change the world!! She is well known for the annual "Casual Day" campaign which she started and successfully ran for the past 18 years. Now she is adding Tekkie Tax to her repertoire. In 2013 she was a finalist of the SA Institute of Fundraising for  "Fundraiser of the year" and in 2014 she won the prestigious CEO award for "Most influential woman in Business and Government" in the SME section.  "More than anything else, it was the plight from welfare organisations that motivated me to start the Tekkie Tax campaign. Now there is an opportunity for the biggest and smallest organisation in the country to participate in a national fundraising campaign with the assurance that each participating organisation will share in the proceeds of the project's central bank account." As shown over so many years of hard work, Annelise's heart lies in disability. Have a look at her website www.annelisedejager.com Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Patricia Gumede – A well known business woman with expertise in many fields. She has established herself as a successful individual who understands the corporate world. "In my line of business it is not possible to be involved in the operational running of a welfare organisation. But I can add value to them by serving on this trust. This campaign gives me the opportunity to give something back to the community in the best way I can - and for helping not only one organisation, but an entire range of them". Pat's heart lies in education and she would walk the extra mile to ensure better education opportunities and systems in South Africa. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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